About Us

Zippo Products Exclusive Distributor for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei

Concern Trading started business in 1978 as a partnership. In December 1980 it was converted into a private limited company.

In 1982 Concern expanded its business to Malaysia, hence, CT Concern (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated. In the course of trade distribution getting more committed with its Principals, Concern expanded to Thailand and Concern (Thailand) Co Ltd was incorporated in 1994.

To support its business in Indonesia Concern works closely with a partner, PD Niaga Kusuma located in Jakarta.

Today, Concern represents a wide range of products for many Principals and Manufacturers from different countries for its trade distribution in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei.

One of the most valued products in Concern's trade distribution is Zippo products from Zippo Manufacturing Company in USA.